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Jim Zub Back Cover Sketch – #1IDW Samurai Jack Comic

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Jim Zub Back Cover Sketch – #1IDW Samurai Jack Comic

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This Jim Zub sketch is on the back cover of a #1IDW Samurai Jack comic. Jim is a multi talented Canadian comic book writer, artist, and illustrator who has worked with a diverse array of comic, movie, and video game houses including Marvel, DC, Disney, Capcom, Hasbro, Cartoon Network, and Bandai-Namco. Samurai Jack was created for Cartoon Network.

This item comes with a Comic Con Africa authenticity certificate.

This item has a reserve price that must be reached in order for the auction to be successful.

Total Bid Count : 8

Winner Name : cindy

Winning Bid Amount : R400.00

Winning Mode : Bidding

Date Username Bid Amount
30th June 2020 10:24 am c***y R400.00
23rd June 2020 10:06 am A****g R360.00
23rd June 2020 10:04 am c***y R350.00
23rd June 2020 10:02 am A****g R310.00
23rd June 2020 10:00 am c***y R300.00
23rd June 2020 9:59 am A****g R220.00
23rd June 2020 9:50 am m********r R210.00
23rd June 2020 9:34 am g*******y R200.00
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